Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hector around the house

 Hector likes to hang out around the house sometimes (well, okay, a lot). Below are a selection of his favorite activities.
He can sometimes be convinced to hang out with dad and watch sport, or at least dress up for sport.

He is also learning the concept of "food". I think he is trying to use his awesome mind powers on the apricot in this picture - which must have worked because days later it had gone soft and mushy in defeat.

He enjoys bath time, especially the chewing on the towel afterwards.

Sleeping is another favorite. All over the place - just as long as he is not alone while doing it, or in his cot.

Hammock time is always a hit, especially when the whole family is involved.

More learning to eat. This mostly involves sucking on the plate and throwing the cutlery on the floor. All good things take time.

Helping out in the kitchen is always encouraged in our house. Just today he ate the recipe dad was using to make dinner!

Trying out new toys for getting out and exploring the awesome world around us. I'm pretty sure Hector was grizzling here, but he is learning to love the backpack and will soon be off pottering in the hills around Christchurch. More stories in the making.

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