Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Great Big Postcard Swap II

Some of you may have noticed the extra button sitting on the side of the screen for a while now. Two months ago I thought it would be fun to join a little online trade. I sent my mailing address to the organizer and she sent me someone's name and address. The challenge was to make a home made stitched postcard with the theme of home and send it to the someone who's address you were given. I sent my while I was in Antarctica and when I returned home I was thrilled to find a postcard had arrived for me!

This lovely postcard comes all the way from Bree in Grass Valley, California. You learn more about here at I haven't heard from my postcard recipient yet, but hopefully it gets to them.

Home again

Well, after a wonderful trip to the ice I am home. We had a great time and got lots of interviews. Now the real work begins as we put our heads down and have to listen and re-listen to all those interviews to analyse them. But before that starts, Stephen and I are off home for some Christmas holidays. Stephen finishes work tomorrow (Friday) and on Sunday we catch our flight to Canada. Although neither of us are really looking forward to 14+ hours on a plane, we are both really looking forward to seeing friends and family (especially the newest member).