Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Guest

Well, we have our first guest. An overnight one none the less. I know, I know. You've seen the layo.ut and your wondering where on earth we're fitting them in. Well, knowing her she'll probably snuggle into our bed with us. She seems to be that kind of cat.

Yes, we have a wee cat in our lives at the moment. She came in with the neighbours, who were coming over to thank us for looking after their cats while they were away. She just sort of waltzed in and made herself at home. We asked if they knew if she had a home, but they had no idea, and could we maybe keep her since they had tried introducing her to their cats and it was really no good. So, since about 4pm this afternoon we've had this little sweetie in our lives. And sweet she is. Apparently she can not be more than about 5inches from one of us at any time, preferably close to the face. She has no qualms in jumping up onto you (while you're standing) and clambering up to your shoulders where she can snuggle up under your neck. I called her Smaug, after the dragon in The Hobbit. She's kind of all over you and won't leave you alone and she sort of looks like a little dragon (though she doesn't breath fire as far as I know).

We've put a little ad up in the hallway of the house, in case she belongs to one of our neighbours (no knocks yet). And tomorrow we'll put up notices on the poles outisde and at the local grocer. I figured I'd call the SPCA too in case someone calls them looking for their cat. But I'm pretty sure if she doesn't already belong to someone she will get picked up pretty quickly simply because of her need for constant cuddles. Maybe I should just have my friends over from Gateway. . . . . . I'm sure one of them needs a cat.


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  3. You get some strange tangential comments on your blog, don't you?

    Kind of funny to read this now, it's almost written as though you weren't expecting her to become a feature of your family.