Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Discovering food

After purchasing a clip-on high chair for Hector he has joined us at the table every night for dinner. He has been given his own plate and set of cutlery and has had great fun banging it around. Until last week, when completely undirected he started using his spoon to move air into his mouth. Stephen and I were blown away (thus capturing the moment on video). And after attending a Plunket first foods class, we decided to get on the road to solids.

We decided to start with kumara (similar to sweet potato for those non-kiwis out there). Something sweet and unprocessed. Mixed with a little milk to help make it familiar and smooth. This was the face we got. . . .

Finally, this evening he actually opened his mouth fully for me to spoon the good stuff into. Several times. I think we may be on to something here. Tomorrow, we start on carrots.


  1. Totally awesome video of copying one's parents, something you will have to keep in mind at all times. But you will forget and be sorry.
    Great to be back in your kitchen if only for a minute.

  2. Very cute. Looking forward to more Hector adventures! Love, Mom