Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hector goes to the beach

While he was not named for them, the local dolphins share Hectors' name, so we could not resist taking this photo on the Akaroa beach front.

Closer to home on Sumner Beach. We've been going quite a bit over the past few weeks and have learned how to organize and run a beach excursion with a 4-month old. It involves lots of shade, a good book, snacks, and swim stuff. Then, once Stephen and I have had our fill of swimming (no more than an hour and a half mind you), we take wee Hector down for a splash in the waves. So far no one has gone home screaming.

A good snack is invariably easy to eat finger food, preferably with one hand. This is an especially posh snack with left over ceviche and crackers with chutney, followed by tasty watermelon. What a way to spend an afternoon.

 And of course Hector always has his favorite snack on tap. I just have to make sure I shower to get rid of all the sand and salt - that can't be very tasty. Another gorgeous evening on the beach.

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