Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Discovering food

After purchasing a clip-on high chair for Hector he has joined us at the table every night for dinner. He has been given his own plate and set of cutlery and has had great fun banging it around. Until last week, when completely undirected he started using his spoon to move air into his mouth. Stephen and I were blown away (thus capturing the moment on video). And after attending a Plunket first foods class, we decided to get on the road to solids.

We decided to start with kumara (similar to sweet potato for those non-kiwis out there). Something sweet and unprocessed. Mixed with a little milk to help make it familiar and smooth. This was the face we got. . . .

Finally, this evening he actually opened his mouth fully for me to spoon the good stuff into. Several times. I think we may be on to something here. Tomorrow, we start on carrots.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hector goes to the beach

While he was not named for them, the local dolphins share Hectors' name, so we could not resist taking this photo on the Akaroa beach front.

Closer to home on Sumner Beach. We've been going quite a bit over the past few weeks and have learned how to organize and run a beach excursion with a 4-month old. It involves lots of shade, a good book, snacks, and swim stuff. Then, once Stephen and I have had our fill of swimming (no more than an hour and a half mind you), we take wee Hector down for a splash in the waves. So far no one has gone home screaming.

A good snack is invariably easy to eat finger food, preferably with one hand. This is an especially posh snack with left over ceviche and crackers with chutney, followed by tasty watermelon. What a way to spend an afternoon.

 And of course Hector always has his favorite snack on tap. I just have to make sure I shower to get rid of all the sand and salt - that can't be very tasty. Another gorgeous evening on the beach.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hector around the house

 Hector likes to hang out around the house sometimes (well, okay, a lot). Below are a selection of his favorite activities.
He can sometimes be convinced to hang out with dad and watch sport, or at least dress up for sport.

He is also learning the concept of "food". I think he is trying to use his awesome mind powers on the apricot in this picture - which must have worked because days later it had gone soft and mushy in defeat.

He enjoys bath time, especially the chewing on the towel afterwards.

Sleeping is another favorite. All over the place - just as long as he is not alone while doing it, or in his cot.

Hammock time is always a hit, especially when the whole family is involved.

More learning to eat. This mostly involves sucking on the plate and throwing the cutlery on the floor. All good things take time.

Helping out in the kitchen is always encouraged in our house. Just today he ate the recipe dad was using to make dinner!

Trying out new toys for getting out and exploring the awesome world around us. I'm pretty sure Hector was grizzling here, but he is learning to love the backpack and will soon be off pottering in the hills around Christchurch. More stories in the making.