Sunday, May 31, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

Alright folks, I am changing things a little for this post. As much fun as it is to write a story, it is sometimes difficult to come up with something new to share. So instead I am creating a sort of scavenger hunt to entice you to come and visit us here in New Zealand. Granted there is no vast monetary prize for being the first or the fastest or the most comical in completing it, however you will gain far more than any 'prize' by simply coming to visit us and explore the beautiful country we are living in.

The way this works is simple. Stephen and I went for a walk today and along the way I took several photos. I have chosen a few dispersed along our route and posted them here. In order to complete the excercise in geographical re-navigation you will have to come here to Christchurch, find the places present in the photos and enjoy the very fact that Stephen and I will probably at that point be with you sharing our new 'home'.


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