Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hector goes to Braemar Station

Photo by D. Neufeld
 While my family are visiting from Canada they have booked a couple of weekends away - the first of which was at Braemar Station. We are staying in a holiday home called Pine Cottage which overlooks Lake Pukaki and affords views of Mount Cook/Aoraki on clear days and lots of clouds and fog on not so clear ones.

Looking towards Aoraki.
The drive out to the bach teaches Stephen and I many things on travelling in a car with an infant (well, this one at least). Mostly that drive times should now be at least doubled to allow for stops every hour or two. While this adds to the total road time, we do stop in places we'd never considered before and appreciate what each spot has to offer (like toilets, shade, water, etc.). We pull into the drive at Pine Cottage around 6pm and unload our stuff. With some dinner in our bellies and a wander around the nearby paddocks we climb into bed and look forward to tomorrow.

The next day is glorious and bright (and very windy), so we fill it with walks down by the water, up through the paddocks, and in the hay barn. We took out our discs on the GolfCross course (golf played with balls shaped like rugby balls) and finished the better part of 4 holes. We made and ate many delicious meals. And we survived a massive thunder and lightening storm in the middle of the night which took the power out and left us cooking breakfast on the BBQ the next morning. All in all a lovely time relaxing in the shadow of the grand Southern Alps.

Snuggled and ready for adventure.

Getting ready for that awesome throw on the Golf Cross course.

Dinner at the cottage.

Evening light on the mountains across Lake Pukaki.

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