Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hector goes to Canada

On our whirlwind trip across Canada we made several stops. The first one was in Winnipeg, where Hector met his Uropa. He also met his Aunt Krysti, Uncle Brian, and cousins, Kieran and Mallory.

The weather was fantastic so there were lots of picnics and time outside. Unfortunately, Hector was no match for the ferocious Manitoba mosquito population and ended up with red welts all over him. But tunnels made it all better.

Next, was Toronto, where Hector met his Great-Grandma. While the stop was brief, we had an awesome family dinner with my mom's sister and her family.

Next was Kingston, where we gathered to welcome Dups into the whanau. Here we are gathered round for a bed time story.

Here we are decked out to help celebrate the nuptials. Hector had a blast crawling around meeting everyone's shoes - he especially liked the sparkly ones.

One of the best things about our trip was the switch in seasons. This was most noticeable in the food available. Hector loved being introduced to strawberries, raspberries, cherries and all the other gorgeous summer fruits grown in Southern Ontario.

Probably the most important part of the trip was time with whanau. It was awesome to see Stephen and his brother doing their dad thing.


Kingston boasts a great splash park which we took full advantage of in the lovely warm weather.

Our final destination was a quick visit to Whitehorse. We visited Stephen's dad's grave with Hector and made sure we shared lots of stories.

The other important visits we had were with friends, old and new. Hector had great fun with Isabella, my close friend, Ceilidhe's little girl. 

We even got up to see dad's first art exhibit. Hector had a very enjoyable morning interacting with the various pieces of stone, camping equipment, and wood representing a campsite.

One our way back home, we took a day to hang out in Vancouver. The weather was beautiful, so we went to Stanley Park and the aquarium.

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