Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back in town

With the demolition progressing, more and more of the city has been opened up. Last week, we went back into the city to see how it was looking.

The coolest thing is the amount of art that is everywhere. We especially enjoyed Chris Heaphy's planted whare.

We then progressed down to new New Regent Street. More shops have opened up there and we enjoyed a delicious cup of tea and piece of cake in a cool new cafe called Rekindle which takes old wood and re-purposes it into new furniture.

Some shops were still closed, but again, the art kept things happy and vibrant. Auntie Dai's dumplings look especially varied and friendly.  

Another cool piece of moveable art at these sets of cathedral arches set up on an empty lot. It was pretty amazing how they transformed the bare gravel lot into a sacred space just with the application of some beautifully milled wood.

As we returned to our car, we watched as others around us enjoyed the bright and varied fence art, as well as the ever changing show put on by excavators and demolitioners at work. It was great to see life returning to our battered city.

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