Monday, April 19, 2010

Home Again

It's been an exciting few blogs, so I thought I'd bring it down a little and update you on the little things we've been up too.

My fervor for quilting has not abated and I've been stitching together a quilt top for our bed, as well as continuing with Kierans quilt. All I did was go to my favorite fabric shop, pick out my favorite fabrics and put them all together. I quite like the modern looking outcome. I even left a nice white patch where the cat likes to sleep so she can do her own designing with her fur.

Stephen on the other hand has had an exciting week. Thus, the note I received:

Sorry, short post today. But you now all know what happened to Stephen and his argon.

1 comment:

  1. I do hope Macky Mug, for all his faults, is doing well in recovery. Loved the pair o' possum stories and passed them on to Miche.