Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with nice things. We certainly had a great couple of days. Though I must admit it's a wee bit different having Easter in the fall, or rather, Autumn as it is known here (people just look at you funny if you call it fall). It most definitely feels like an imported holiday to celebrate rebirth and the life, when the trees, bushes (and my garden) are all coming to their ends. Strange feelings. But a wonderful time none the less!

Saturday morning, Stephen, Nina, Matt and I headed over to Lyttleton for the Market. The morning had been crisp when I had gone out to water my plants in the morning and had put some tights on under my skirt. By the time we got to Lyttleton the tights were striped off and the sun screen was slapped on. It was a roasting 20 degrees and climbing. We all dove into the market to buy fruit and vege for the week ahead.

By noon, we had everything we could want for the coming week (and enough of shoulder, elbow, bum and head bumping for the year). We stashed our goodies and wandered down to the waterfront to try and catch the water taxi over to Diamond Harbour for a little walk. Unfortunately, everyone and all their children had also had this idea on this absolutely stunning day, so the line for the boat constituted about an hours wait. Not willing to wait, we got back to the car and drove over to Sumner to wander along their beach. Not a bad second choice.

In the evening, Stephen and I visited our friends, Alex and Daniela for Easter dinner. It was an extra special meal as Alex was cooking because poor Daniela has had surgery on both her feet (simultaneously - her choice) and can't walk very well (who would have guessed). He surprised himself most of all with an absolutely delicious roast chicken.

Sunday morning was filled with chocolate, crepes and a grey, cool river walk. We had planned to go geocaching along the Avon, but found halfway there that our GPS had run out of batteries. I settled with taking photos and Stephen patiently waited as I experimented.

We then spent a quiet afternoon at the library and swimming pool. And are now cozy at home making pizzas to curl up with to watch our movie - The Boat that Rocked - anyone seen it? Is it any good?

All in all a lovely relaxed weekend. Very different from what we're both used to, but that's what this whole experience is all about.

Take care.

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  1. Hmmm, a zombie GPS, what an unusual occurance. I remain unconvinced of geo-caching existance in the real world, only in the dead battery fantasies of geography students.
    Happy Easter and autumn holidays,
    Love Dad