Saturday, April 4, 2009


The Art Gallery glass wall.

Cathedral Square with its weekend market, floral funnel, and fancy hotels.

Under construction.

A gargoyle; much of the Christchurch architecture is adopted from old European style.

The ever-popular penguin bus, though I have been informed that the penguins at the Antarctic Centre are only New Zealand penguins (ie., little blue [illustrated] and yellow-eyed), and not only that, they are also the rescue penguins (ie., with one eye, crippled flippers, etc). As a result, kind of sad.

The clock tower on the tourist information centre in Cathedral Square.

Captain Scott, the englishman who challenged Amundsen (Norweigen) to reach the South Pole first. Amundsen beat Scott, Scott and all four of his companions starved and froze to death on the way back, as they did not plan very well. Amundsen used dogsleds and made it home (severla other factors are important here, but this is a very quick and dirty explanation). Scotts' wife made the sculpture.

A reflection of style.

The Christchurch skyline, as seen from the non-tourist side of town.

What is this?

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  1. Hi, Erin and Stephen,

    Finally I'm caught up - love reading about and seeing life in New Zealand.