Thursday, March 26, 2009

University of Canterbury

The bike ride to school in the morning takes me through Hagley Park - a nice place in the morning with the mist rising off the golfcourse and the sun shining gold in the windows.

This is my office space at school. I share a room with three other desks, two of which are actually occupied and only one person who is here now.

As you can see biking to school here is a popular mode of transportation, especially since the city is mostly flat (but very, very windy).

The library, where I have been lots.

The architecture is reminiscent of that found at UVic, probably both built in the 60s.

The pathway between the student association (UCSA) building and the rest of campus. There's a small river cutting through the campus, which adds a nice quality of being 'green' to the whole affaire.

And finally, the ride home takes me back through downtown Christchurch, along the trolley tracks, which looks like this.

Hope you're all doing well.

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