Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Impressions

Well, we've been here 4 days now and the place is really growing on me. Christchurch is a really neat place and although we haven't taken any "tourist" time yet, I'm slowly feeling more and more comfortable. We have a house, with furniture and a full fridge, all we need is a phone and some regular internet access. Internet will be and is the most expensive thing here. For one month with 3GB (yes, only three) it costs 50$. Apparently having only one cable linking the country to the rest of the world makes for some expensive connection costs.

Some other random differences I've noticed include;
- driving on the opposite side of the road (of course we all knew that - but when you try biking that way, you'd better be extra bloody careful, on the way back from getting our bikes I almost rode out into oncoming traffic because I was looking the wrong way - hasn't happened again since)
- all toilets are low-flow toilets
- the gulls here are tiny little guys with creepy eyes; they also act like very forward ravens, when we were eating lunch at a cafe outside, they would go right onto tables once people had left, pulling food right off the plates
- Japanese restaurants are everywhere (and yes, they have okinomeaki), second place goes to chinese/thai/korean restaurants
- The bus system is awesome; tomorrow we're taking the bus to a nearby town for their weekly farmers market - you can go anywhere
- People speak with funny accents (though I suppose since we're in the minority we do)

Stephen had his orientation over the last two days and will officially start on Monday (your Sunday I believe). I still have to track down my supervisors and talk with them, I think I'll be officially starting on March 1st, but will be able to get going sooner than that hopefully.

The rest of the day awaits, so I will head off to meet it. I wish you all the best and will post some pictures as soon as I can.


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  1. Hi Guys,
    Feeling a little fragile hanging onto the e-world by a single cable? Yesterday morning the furnace fan slowed, the light flickered, then southern Yukon went dark. I went to read by the window and the cat sat on my head to eclipse the light. It was a time of repose. Never mind you have okonomyaki.