Monday, February 9, 2009

Down to Work

Today is my second day at my new "job" for the next 3-4 years of my life. I have a nice desk with a window above it that looks out into a shady square. I can hear the birds singing on colder days and the cicadas chirping on the hot days. I share my office right now with two other PhD students, one who is just finishing up her dissertation on pond chemistry (in Antarctica) and the other who is currently in Washington doing field work (I'm not sure on what though). My bookshelf is slowly filling with things to read, but right now I'm simply waiting to meet my supervisor, Gary. Everyone seems very nice and they have been very welcoming into their space. I'm looking forward to working here.

Stephen is on his second day of classes as well. He's successfully transferred from Physics and Math to Physics and Chemistry, and will be busy in classes for the next five weeks until his first placement in a local school. He's also taking a Maori Education course, which is mandatory here, that teaches Maori language, culture and traditions to teachers to ensure culturally sensitive people are going into the classrooms. A wonderful tool I think for all institutions to think about.

Hope you're all doing well. Our home phone and internet should be up next week, so I will have some pictures up then.


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