Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hector goes Canoeing (again)

 Over the school term break, we decided to head out on the water with Hector. As he is growing, Stephen cleverly thought to just hook up the clip-on high chair to the thwart of the boat. That way Hector could see what was going on. Awesome. Just toss on some blankets and you've got a cosy little seat. So all tucked up, we headed out onto the water.

Unfortunately, shortly thereafter this occurred . . . .

Pretty sure that is not a happy face. It turns out the downside of this cool seat is that one cannot sleep in it. Which is just what Hector wanted to do. So, after this shot was taken, Hector was whisked out of the high chair and cuddled by mom while dad paddled back to shore. Back on land, out of the enclosing grasp of the pfd, Hector fell promptly to sleep.

Lesson learned. Timing is everything.

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