Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcoming Winter

The view out the kitchen window this morning. Alpen glow, a rare occurrence in a city with no snow.
Yesterday it snowed here in Christchurch. Not quite as much as our previous dumps late last year, but enough to stick around for the last couple days and close schools and shops. And turn everything into a wintery wonderland. And while yesterday was grey and shivery (unfortunate for those wanting to witness the once in a lifetime event of the transit of Venus), today has been gloriously sunny and bright. Melting black ice which formed overnight on the roads and allowing trees to drop their heavy, wet loads of snow.

A shag sits atop a snowy tree by the Heathcote River.
Snow along the Heathcote river on the way to the library.
Icicles on Japanese Maple.
Leaves frozen to the pavement.
Walking back home from the library. A gorgeous day to be out and about.

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