Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy (day after) Canada Day!

A red, white and grey quilt for Stephen (with elephants of course)

It is a strange thing to celebrate your country when you are not living there. Most notably, no one else is wearing red and white and singing the Canadian national anthem (though I will admit it rolled off my tongue more than once as I was biking about). In fact it seemed no more than a quaint little bit of information when I mentioned it to anyone. And I suppose why wouldn't it, with no investment or connection to the place it really is just a small factoid to roll through the brain before passing onto more pressing things like what to have for lunch. Much like Antarctica, Canada is simply just another place living in the depths of peoples' imaginations here, which is why it is so wonderful and almost self-affirming to be able to celebrate our national holiday with other Canadians. Little things like maple cookies passed out at school, and eating tomato soup (red) and grilled cheese sandwhiches (white) are great, but being able to sit down and play crokinole while eating maple pecan pie, all whilst talking about growing up in different parts of Canada. That is what made my Canada Day this year and reminds me of what makes being a Canadian so special.

Hope everyone had a great day today and has a wonderful weekend.

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