Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home at last

[The door to the sunroom/office/craft room]

Last Friday we finally got the keys to our new house - our first house. We were so thrilled that the drizzling rain didn't dampen our spirits (only the bed and couches) as we moved furniture and stuff the five blocks from our rental place to our house. We spent the weekend settling in and on Monday, as probably most of you know, we were struck with another jarring earthquake. In fact, it was a series of relatively sizable ones. And frankly, the second thing to cross my mind (after my husband) was the house. I must say, owning a house adds a whole new dimension to these earth shakes. We're certainly not regretting buying, but it's just another thing to think about in these interesting times.

[The dining table, front door and deck]

But onto the fun stuff. The "quake day" we had today (Tuesday - while engineers check buildings and city and service workers tirelessly ensure we have water and power) allowed me to do the final settling in. This does not, of course, include putting art on the walls as that would make no sense here in Christchurch, since it only ever lasts a few hours or days before it's knocked down again. Fabric art is making a resurgence. Despite the ongoing shaking here, Stephen and I managed to get quite a bit down to make this place our own - putting books in shelves, hanging clothes in closets and raking leaves from the lawn. I'm learning all about the little things my parents did around the house that I never paid attention to, like caulking the windows, and all the things I used to hate doing, somehow have a certain glamor to them as they have new meaning to me.

[Master bedroom - unfortuntaly, we can't take the wallpaper down until our EQC inspection and that probably won't happen until at least the summer - oh well]

Ever since arriving on that blustery Friday afternoon, the house has felt warm and inviting (especially with the fire going in the lounge). At one point when I was putting things away in the hall closet it felt almost like I was just coming home from a trip and was putting things away in their places. I think both Stephen and I have had a hard time not smiling lately and we are thrilled with this new adventure of home ownership. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested!

[Cooking dinner in our new, lovely, large kitchen]

We have lots of dreams for this home and we can't wait to get started. Unfortunately, we can't get started until our Earthquake Commission (EQC) assessment. Though I suppose this will keep us from rushing into doing anything without thinking first. From the sounds of it, we will have lots and LOTS of time to dream and plan and plan and dream and wait. I'm still working on developing my patience.

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  1. A delightful set of photos, the place looks loved already. I remember when we bought our first place we didn't move in for about the first six months, too much renovating to do to get it ready. But with mortgage payments at $69/month who cares (and that's also why we had to renovate first.) Within two weeks of our finally moving in, the oil furnace exploded and started the house on fire. You Mum saved her record collection and kitchen stuff while I shoveled snow into the basement to put out the flames.
    Love, Dad