Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hou whare - New home

It has been awhile since I've posted here. Things have been somewhat up the air of late and it has been difficult to focus on anything outside the immediate. But now, we have a home, filled with the gifts of friends and we are slowly finding our way back to the new normal.

I won't dwell on the earthquake story. There are so many out there and for me it is nice to look forward. Leave it at the whole experience was scary, humbling, maddening, saddening, and one of change, both of the present and the future. Living through a natural disaster, where you have absolutely no control is the most humbling and frightening experience I can imagine for anyone. And yet, I cannot hide the absolute amazement at being there to see and feel the things I learned about in university. In all, a confusing time.

After two weeks of intense searching, we were lucky enough to find a lovely place to settle. On the other side of town from our previous house, it is on the side of town less widely damaged by the earthquake. Don't take me wrong, there is still damage and collapsed homes. But, overall the streets are relatively less buckled, the services are working (generally) and (unfortunately) things seem to happen a little more quickly here (service wise). The house itself is the least damaged of all the ones we viewed and definitely the most lovely and spacious.

Welcome to my home. We have been here just over two weeks and things are coming together wonderfully, furniture from friends, artwork scrounged from our old house and from my sewing machine and the things we were able to save from the rubble.

[Living room wall of family]


[Hallway library]


[Craft room/office/guest room]

[Mmmmm! Dinner at our new dining room table]


  1. It looks like you have found a lovely new home. I hope it makes it a bit easier for you to put the pieces back together. Thinking of you lots!

  2. Lovely to see you both settled and comfortable. Next time you want to watch your assumptions of the world crumble around you have children. They are way more fun than a quakwe, but you still worry some.
    Love, Dad