Sunday, November 7, 2010

F5000 - riding the world of fossil fuels

Last weekend, Stephen and I went out to the Ruapehu Race Track west of Christchurch for the Classic Car Rally and the Lady Wigram F5000 Trophy races. We arrived at 12 noon, just in time for the lunch break. We parked the car, strolled around the fenced off race track and ogled the various cars being worked on and tuned up for their last whiz down the track. It was a lot cooler than I thought it would be (though I was still quite aware of being 1 of about 10 women at the whole event). Combine this with the purchase of a new camera lens and I was thrilled to be at such a neat and colourful place.

[Tasty food for race-goers]

[Prepping for the races]

[Checking out the competition]

[There were a lot of amazing classic cars and even more admirers of them]

[Jaguar - a lot faster than it looks]

[Racing minis]

[Crashing minis]

[Watching the cars drive round]

[Watching the F5000's go by, racing for the Lady Wigram Cup]

[The classics]

[F-Libra class]


Packing and prep work are taking up my time these days. Just a week and a half to go until we fly down south for the land of ice and snow and wide open spaces. Can't wait to step onto those cross-country skis.


  1. Loved the crisp racers withfuzzy spectators, the shiny metal and the idea of walking in sandals through fresh grass on a warm day with a bacon buttie greasing up my fingers. In Dawson, still close to zero and the river full of pancake ice. Long Lake, behind the hospital, is frozen and was covered by skaters yesterday. Love, Dad

  2. I sure had a lot of fun playing with my new lens. Can't wait to take it out in Antarctica. I heard the skating might be good there, what with your lack and snow but cold weather. Hopefully, there will be snow by the time we get there.