Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another month gone by. . .

I must apologize for my obvious lack of commitment over the last month to this blog. Between having family here, various school deadlines and the Olympics, we've been pretty busy (not to mention, we used up all our bandwidth for the month watching skiing and hockey online). But now, I have no excuses for falling behind so I'll try to keep up.

A friend of mine from Stitch is opening a shop this weekend. I've been helping her with some of the set up, rolling cloth onto bolts, painting walls, sewing samples. All sorts of fun stuff. In fact, over the past year Fenella, Louise, Ursula and Briar have all coerced me into sewing. My first successful project was a bag made from the fabric we exchanged at Christmas time. Shortly followed by two more, one for me and one for mom. Now, I am onto grander and more expensive designs. I am planning on making a quilt. Albeit, a baby quilt for Kieran, my nephew in Winnipeg (my first - therefore he gets all my firsts).

School-wise, thigns are going well. I'm in the midst of interviews and sending out/receiving questionnaires. It's really interesting seeing what people have to say and I'm looking forward to sharing with my peers in Oslo this June at the International Polar Year conference and in Hobart two weeks later. I will also take the opportunity to visit family in London and Singapore. Although I'm looking forward to the trip, it's an expensive one so won't have much to spend on prezies. Or food once I get back. . .

Stephen is into his second month of teaching. He enjoys parts and not others. Between planning lessons for four different classes (Year 12 physics, year 13 physics, year 10 science and year 9 science), coaching volley ball and badminton, going on overnight geography fieldtrips, and helping organize extra-curricular activities, I don't see him much. But he enjoys it and on Monday watched the gold medal hockey game with his Year 13 physics class and is now baking them cookies for Canada winning the gold.

Life is good here. We both still contemplate the idea of home and where we see ourselves in 5,10, or 20 years. And really, it comes down to when you ask, because it seems to change from moment to moment. We'll just have to wait and see what life brings us. Until then, I'll keep enjoying what I'm given in the now.

A closing shot looking north to the Kaikoura peninsula from the Transcoastal Train as morning light seeps in between the clouds.

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